Lost first Love – my true love story

My name is Ankita and I was committed with a guy named Ajay. Our marriage was near. My friends and batch mates were saying me that I am very lucky that I am getting my first love as there are very less people in the world who get their first love. I was doing shopping for the marriage and it was really great to buy the beautiful dresses and jewelries for me.

One day Ajay told me:- Ankita I wanted to share some facts with you?

I said: – Yes? Speak.

He said: – I love somebody else and she is not you.

I told: -what?  Then why you are marrying me?

He said:- Because the girl to whom I love. She loves some other guy. And you are good girl. You like me. If I did not get my first love then it does not mean you should also not get yours. And it will be good to spend whole life with you. You have many qualities that I will also fall in love with you.

One day at evening we went outside and I saw my sister with some guy there.

We met her and Ajay said you stay here. I have to buy something so he went from there.

I told: – Ok

I came at home and I saw: – Ajay was talking to my sister.

My sister said: – What was that?

Ajay replied: – I like you. I do not know what happened today? It was difficult to see you with other guy.

My sister Aditi told: – I do not know to whom you love or to whom you do not. But I do not like you.

You never think that it will hurt my sister a lot.

Ajay told:- She knows it. But I told her that I want to spend my whole life with her. Because for marriage it is not necessary to have love with someone. There are many things in the marriage should consider. I respect her and she is a good girl. That’s why I agreed for marriage with her.

Aditi told:- what my sister knows it?

He said:- Yeah. I did not hide from her that I loved some other girl.

I was at the door and listened all conversation and it brought tears in my eyes.

I came to my room and thinking what it is happening with me?

My mom came to my room and asked:- what happened? I  Slept too early today and did not talk to anyone.

I said yeah mom:- I am feeling sleepy.

She said you are not going away from us. We will come to meet you after marriage.

I smiled and told:- Thanks mom.

I met Ajay next day and told him. Ajay it cannot happen.

He asked: – What cannot happen?

I replied: – Our marriage.

I know you love some other girl. But if that some other girl is my sister then I cannot proceed. If it was the arranged marriage then it was ok. But now I know you do not like me and I do not like my marriage should be the compromise for my Partner.


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