Some friends are really true

This is the real story of my two friends. Their name was Jaya and Monika. I, jaya and Monika were good friends. I and Jaya sit together and always with were each other in our lectures and brakes. But I watched that I and jaya were always together but the bonding of jaya and monika was too strong. It was great to spend time together. We generally prepare the topics and seminars by discussing the things. Sometimes I found what Jaya do not share with me , shares with monika. She only talks to me regarding studies and about other friendly discussions, she does with Monika.

There was our seminar at the college and I had not prepared the file. I had only 5 hours to make the file but jaya told me she has made it so she would write my name and her on the file.

I said: – No this is your hard work. So you show this. I will make mine and will try to prepare it.

She replied: – From where you will collect the notes and all previous practical ratings. We wrote it on the notebook and some were noted in my notebook which was at home now. So it was impossible to cover all.

I said: – I will do what I wrote in my assignment.

She said: – Do not you trust me? I said I will show the file in which the names of both of us will be shown.

I told: – No, Nothing like that. I trust you.

Five hours were over and it was the time to show the file with the seminar.

I told jaya about the file.

She replied: – sorry Yar, Monika has not file, so I wrote her name in the file.

I was disappointed that what I would tell to the professor as he was very strict. I got worried about my internal marks. I just gave the seminar on the stage and did not submit the file.

At the same time one of my classmates named Arun came there and told me:- Hey Ritika this is your file. Sorry I got late. I was reading some topics from this.

I looked at him and said what he was saying?

He gave it to sir and sorry sir I missed one topic so I got project file from Ritika.

Sir told: – Ok Next time it should not happen. You should have to show your file immediately when you are asked to do so.

I told ok sir and saw to Arun.

He just smiled and said it’s ok.


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