love at first sight – best story

My name is Rajan (Changed Name ) . Here i am sharing my love at first sight story with you (Before this experience i always thinks that how any one can love a girl in a first sight) . I am from chandigarh. I am studying in graduation. All of my friends had their girl friends. But I had not any because I always thought that making girl friend just gives tension. Moreover I had not trust in the girls. I always hated girls and kept myself away from them.

One day, all of my friends planned for going some where to see the historical places First of all we went to see zoo in chandigarh all of them were with their girl friends. But I was alone as I had not any girl friend. Everybody was doing fun over there as everyone was busy with their partner. Some of my friends were buying things for their girl friends and some were sharing eatables with them. I was standing alone away from them. It was the time, I felt very lonely.

Next day, we went to see Taj Mahal. At That Place, too every body was happy except me as I was feeling too much lonely and boring. I was standing away from my friends alone. There I saw a beautiful girl (Here my love at first site story starts ). From her appearance, it was looking that she was foreigner. It was the first time, that I was attracted toward a girl. She too was alone. I asked from her, her name. she told,” her name is Ruby (Changed Name ).” I proposed her for friendship. She happily accepted my proposal. Now I was no longer sad and was feeling extremely happy. I made her to meet with my other friends and their girl friends. She was very happy to meet them all. She was wearing pink colored shirt and black colored trouser and was looking extremely beautiful. I was feeling myself very lucky as I was in the company of such a beautiful Girl. In the evening, all of my friends went to have coffee.
I too went at café coffee day. With my newly made girl friend. She was from Australia. Her mom, dad were there and she had come India just for visiting and to meet with her aunt who was living in chandigarh. With in a day, our friendship became too strong .

When it was night, she was supposed to go to chandigarh to stay at her aunt. She went there along with us as we too had planned to go back over there. I said her good bye and went back to my home. She told me on phone that she is supposed to leave India on the coming week but also confirmed me that when she would reach Australia she would talk about me to her parents for marriage. I really felt very happy on listening it. She was able to make her parents agree for the marriage, they called me also in Australia now I am happily married with her and doing a good job in Australia and I am fully satisfied with my life and my love ( First Sight love ).

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