love cum arranged marriage story

My name is shina (Changed Name ) . I am from shimla. I have a friend Neha (Changed name ) . She is from jalandhar. Four years ago, she came in shimla for doing B.ED. I too was doing B.ED in the college where she was doing. So, she became very good friend of mine. With the passage of time, our level of understanding increased. We shared everything related to our life with each other. After doing B.ED, she went back to her home in jalandhar. As she was of marriageable age, her parents choose a guy for her marriage.

She called me on her marriage. I bought many gifts for her to give on her marriage. I bought a nice dress to wear in the marriage party. She was very happy on her marriage as the guy was very handsome and was according to her choice. The marriage party was supposed to be during night just a day, before the marriage, I got myself ready and went out from the home on my dearest friend’s marriage I had come alone for the marriage because everybody was busy in the home for something or the other. Neha (my friend whose marriage I had come to attend) when I reached home, neha’s family attended me warmly. They all were planning for the marriage I too helped them for managing the things.

When it was night, everybody got ready to move to the palace. I was with neha we had gone in the beauty parlour to make her ready in wardrobe of bride. Really, neha was looking amazing. When I was with neha, a guy was looking continuously at me. He was looking handsome and when I inquired about him from neha, she told me that he is doing the job of a manager in M.N.C in chandigarh when neha had gone for Jai Mala Ceremony.

I was sitting alone he came near me and sat down. He was looking quite smart and young. He started asking me many questions about me and my family. I told her everything. Although I was feeling very nervous in the beginning, but after sometime it became very easy for me to carry on conversation with him as he made every effort to make me feel comfortable. It was my first meeting with him and he had impressed me deeply. Really, had never experienced this before it. From his talks, it had become clear to me that he was interesting in me.

Then he handed over his phone no to me from the very beginning of the marriage till the end, his eyes were continuously following me. I enjoyed every moment in the marriage party along with him. After neha’s departure, I came back in neha’s home and started getting ready for going to shimla. Aunt. Handed over me ,any things to take in shimla. Aunt handed over me many things to take in shimla although I was not willing to take so many things. Then neha’s mom asked that guy (who had become good friend of mine in marriage) to leave me on bus stop in his car. He at once got ready.

When he were going at the bus stop, he was saying again and again for calling him and do not forget him. Really those moments had become unforgettable for me. But I had not the courage to tell him that I would never be able to forget him. When we reached near bus stop, he stopped the car and I came out of it. It was the time, when he started looking very sad perhaps he was thinking that I would not call him after reaching at shimla. But I assured him that I would call him. Then I boarded bus and went back to my home town.

When I reached him, there was no body in the home as all elders are employed and children had gone to attend school. Immediately after taking a glass of water, I sat on sofa and called that guy. He was really very happy to receive my call. We talked for full one month on phone and after that he expressed his desire of marrying me. I too had the same desire. But I had not the courage to tell my family that I am in love with a guy and I want to marry him. I talked about it to neha. Neha helped in every way by which she could do. She asked her mother for our marriage. Her mother came in our home and made my family agree for the marriage and after that she made boys family agree. Really, her mother did every effort to make our families agree for the marriage. Now I am married with that guy and living very happy and really feel sometime while sitting at him that chance plays a great role in human being’s life

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