my shortcomings become path of success

My name is Aradhana (Changed Name ) . I am from Maharashtra I have two brothers. I am youngest of them everybody loves me a lot in the home. My father is in army and mother is a house wife from the very beginning of my life, I had interest in modeling. When ever there was modeling competition at school level, I always took part and got first position. But when I grew up, my growth did not increase with my age. My height was not according to the height which is required for modeling.

One day, our class teacher was asking about our ambitions in life, when we were in tenth class. When my turn came, I told her that my aim is to become a model. Everybody in the class started laughing on hearing to it and started saying that. I would look much smaller near models because of my short height. Some how, our class teacher made the atmosphere of class cool. But from that day, an inferiority complex took place in me. I had the unrest desire of become a model as I did not have interest in any other profession but my height was pausing a big problem before me.

But I wanted to make my self as superior so that my height could not stand as barrier for the modeling. I worked hard for creating every talent in my self. One day, I saw an advertisement in newspaper. This was an ad. From modeling agency. I went there without taking the permission of my parents because I was of the view that my parents would not allow me to go anywhere for modeling because they were of the view that I would not be selected because of short height.

They had told me many times for joining some other profession. i.e. teaching rather than. When I reached in modeling agency, they gave me a form to fill and after that there was my interview with the judges. I went in the room where the interview was taking place. I was holding that form in my hand which I had recently filled. I handed over that form to one person sitting ever that place. They go through it but when they came to know about my height, they started laughing loudly and asked me for singing a song. I sang the song. Many people gathered there as I was singing very sweetly. All of the judges became appreciating me for my voice and they suggested me for singing song in the movies rather than modeling. I had never thought earlier that I had such a sweet voice. After that I joined singing as my profession and I am fully satisfied with it.

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