My sister’s marriage night

My name is Shreya (Changed Name). I am from Puna. I have only one sister (Here i am sharing my sisters marriage night experience ) . My father is a doctor and mother is a school teacher as my parents kept their selves busy in their professional life my elder sister was the greatest support for me. She always helped me at each and every step of my life. She was even more than my parents for me. We studied together in the same school. When we grew up, we shared our garments with each other. The garments which she used to wear attracted me much than my own garments. As she was very co-operative she never said me ‘no’ for the garments we shared each and everything of our life with each other.

When we grew young, we (Me and my sister ) were admitted in the college. At this stage, our understanding grew more as this is the stage of our life in which we need the support of that person who is the closest and truly devoted to us. We were used to talk during night even at late hours. There was too much understanding between us. When we grew up, our parents started finding suitable guy for my elder sister.

As it was the first marriage ( my sister ) in our home, everybody was too much excited about it. My father’s colleague suggested a guy for my sister who was in merchant navy on good post. When my family enquired about that guy they found much more positive points of that guy that we were told. So we immediately agreed for the marriage of my sister when they came to see my sister everybody was in jolly spirit. My sister was looking quite attractive and jeeja ji also quite handsome. There was complete ‘yes’ from boy’s side. When the proceedings were over my sister talked to me for more than five hours at length and her every talk was suggesting that she was very happy. She told me that she had never expected that she would get such a smart guy for marriage then the date of marriage was decided. The marriage was to take place at night.

I had much enthusiasm in my heart for my sister’s marriage. I told my parents that I want to wear gown in this marriage. It was for the first that I was wearing gown. I was looking very pretty in that. Everybody was praising me in the marriage party. Really I enjoyed a lot during my sister’s marriage night. I cracked a lot of jokes to my jeeja ji which I would never be able to forget throughout the whole of my life.

Now it was 5:00 A.M. in the morning and it was the time departure of the bharat. I had never thought in the marriage that my sister was going to leave me. Every body started looking very sad. I too became too much emotionally as my best friend, my sister was leaving our home for started her life afresh. I could not control any feelings and started weeping. My sister too was weeping. I had not the courage to see her while weeping. So I left that spot and go some where else where I could expose my pent up feelings by weeping. Every body started finding me as my sister wanted to meet me at the time of departure everybody thought that I do not have feelings for my sister. That is why I have not come at the place where my sister was about to depart. But I know what was going on in my heart and mind. Really this was the marriage night in which I enjoyed a lot although it was accompanied with sadness at the last moment. I can never forget my sister’s marriage night.

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